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"Well, That’s Just Ducky" Book Update-We Have A Manuscript!


After much struggling, Ducky and I have completed a manuscript for the book! By “completed” I mean I have gotten it to the point where I am comfortable giving it to Gizmo and another writer friend for feedback. This is a major milestone for us. This is not the great american novel, it’s more a collection of expanded Ducky posts organized in a way that hopefully takes the reader through a semi-cohesive emotional arc. But because it’s non-traditional, we need input to know if it’s working in book form. We’ll see.

To everyone who visits, and writes, and who has encouraged us to not give up on this idea, thanks so much. Your support and friendship means the world to us. Please keep reblogging your favorite Ducky posts and encouraging your friends to follow. And keep our ask box full!

More details to follow soon. Much love to you all!

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